New Innovation
Development Sensor

Detects dust and Gas for you and your family

NIDS innovative sensor technology
will give you happiness

NIDS' PM monitor protects you
from dust environment

Experts for Environmental Sensors

Since its inception in 2000, NIDS Co., Ltd. has been doing our best to be a good sensor partner for our customers' success. We have developed environmental pollution detection sensors and commercialized it as a spirit of entrepreneurial spirit for social contribution through environment and human love.   Ph.D. executives and young and talented researchers gather to continue to secure business competitiveness through innovative technology development.
It is a company that grows by focusing on overseas export through stable production base and cooperation. By Researching and developing our technology constantly (Air cleaner, air conditioner, HVAC and  IoT smart sensor for energy management),  Our cutting edge products will be always with you.

Smart Environment Sensor

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